Administrative Assistant

Sabrina Lee

"nothing that is meant for you will ever get away"

Sabrina Lee got her first taste of the fashion industry while she was enrolled as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia, when she secured a scholarship with the prestigious Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF), the foremost fashion and workforce development non-profit in the U.S. Having grown up in Marietta, a small, suburban city in Georgia, opportunities in the industry for upward mobility were limited, but securing the FSF afforded her exposure to the inner workings of the fashion business, via a case study-style project that included creating a mock company’s business plan and a go-to-market strategy. The exercise culminated with Lee earning a financial grant towards her education, and the FSF was so impressed with her that they awarded her the honor again the following year.

After attending the FSF gala in New York City, Lee was inspired to move to the city and pursue a career more akin to the scope of her ambition. Landing the role of Administrative Assistant to the Chief Impact Officer of Kith, Lee not only saw the chance to devote her professional energy to helping people — something she always wanted to do but was never sure how — but to learn about the intersection of fashion and philanthropy, which are the two environments that The Kinnect Foundation operates within. In her role with the foundation, Lee supports Kinnect's initiatives in multiple capacities.