Kinnect Scholars Program

The Kinnect Scholars Program is designed to provide innovative youth development programs, in order to build skills and promote a culture of 21st century learning for our scholars. The Kinnect Scholars will participate in College & Career Skills Workshops and have the opportunity to apply for our Bridge College Scholarships. Along with trained facilitators to orchestrate these programs, we’ve also implemented a mentorship and internship program. We believe that education is not only what we learn in a classroom, but what we also experience in life. Our mentorship program directly connects our scholars with Kith’s internal staff, to provide insight to potential career paths. Whether it may be design or operations, the goal is to expand the minds of our scholars by providing guidance and nurturing their interests. Kinnect Scholars will also gain fashion industry experience by working in KITH’s retail stores, headquarters or even alongside their mentors. Each internship is designed to help students find their passions while gaining hands-on skills.