Community & Content Lead

Alani Noelle

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Early on, lifelong New Yorker Alani Noelle’s academic prowess earned her a spot in a coveted honors program at a public school in the Bronx, which in addition to an education, gave her a glimpse into the disparities that exist in inner-city communities. Noelle joined Kith’s retail team in 2016, ascending up the ranks from cashier to Assistant Store Manager. In 2020, when Kith took the step to formalize the company’s philanthropic endeavors and make more space for the voices of Black and Brown creators, Noelle saw an opportunity to satisfy her natural passion for advocacy and uplifting others. A self-taught creative with a sizable platform of her own, Noelle began working behind the scenes, first supporting the growth of Kith’s women’s content, and then as a founding team member of Kith Community, which would evolve into the brand’s Love Thy Community initiative, using the Kith platform to amplify the voices of minority-owned businesses. In her role with Kinnect, Noelle is most excited to take the groundwork laid thus far to new heights.